The Lurker

One of my all time favorite Dungeons and Dragons monsters is without a doubt the dreaded lurker, but oddly enough I’ve never used one in a campaign or encountered one as a player. As you can see in the picture below they’re not the most intimidating of creatures, but I love that artwork all the same. They look a bit like an enormous ray with two eyes attached to antenna and they’re capable of gliding down on unsuspecting adventurers. You’ll usually fail to notice them as they blend in with the ceiling waiting for a chance to swoop down on any prey that enters their territory. Apparently they’re known for to breed with another cave dwelling creature known as the piercer, their offspring are a crossbreed known as the darkmantle. Throwing one of these things into a campaign is sure to have your party staring at the ceiling suspiciously for the rest of their time in any dungeon.