A few of our readers may have noticed that I’ve talked about the Dresden Files RPG and the Dresden Files books on the blog a number of times, and it’s probably no secret that I’m a big fan of both. Well it’s a long standing tradition that whenever a new Dresden Files books comes out I run a Dresden Files campaign, whether it be a play-by-post or a face to face game varies from year to year. Since Skin Game just came out and I finished it last night the tradition stands. However I’d like to try and do something a bit different this year, I’d like to try and record the game as a podcast. Before I do that though I need to know that there is an interest among the Out of Character readers/listeners/viewers. The reason for this is that in order to make this work I’m going to have to go outside of my usual gaming group. Very few of my friends are fans of the series and in order to make it a workable campaign I’ll need at least three players. This would more than likely be a campaign that would be played out at a friendly local gaming store, which would mean coordinating with the owners and their event as well as the player’s schedules. If people want it, well it shall be done one way or another. If no one cares than I’ll put the time and effort into something else. The poll below is your chance to speak out and make your voices heard. Will Dresden come to Pittsburgh? I’ve got a number in my head for the votes needed here and if we reach it I will start making this happen as soon as possible.