Elemental Bound Airships

I’m still reading through all of my new Eberron books, but one thing keeps jumping out at me in each of them. Elemental bound airships! These hideously expensive modes of transport can be seen flying into ports all across Khorvaire. Simply put they’re created by binding an elemental to a ship with powerful magic which grants the ships the power of flight. Although most of them are built for one of the influential dragonmarked houses the gnome craftsmen who construct them will do so for anyone with enough gold in their pocket. Now if you’re like me you’re probably picturing characters fighting off a variety of winged monsters and sky pirates on the deck of their very own airship. It is also worth noting that should the elemental be unbound the airship will fall out of the sky, however there are several safety measures in place to minimalize any fatalities. Life rings which are enchanted so that they’ll levitate and drift down to the ground under their own power are one of the countermeasures. Passengers are also encouraged to buy drinks for anyone who looks like a magic user as they might know the spell feather fall, which in the event of a crash could make them a very good person to be friends with.


Brother Warth Heroclix

I’ll be taking part in my first War of Light event this Tuesday and I’m starting to get really excited as the big day approaches. I’m also hoping to get one figure in particular from the set. There are a ton of great characters pulled from the Green Lantern comics, but at the top of my list sits Brother Warth. Meditating. To be honest I’ve got no idea why I fixated on the character, but ever since I first saw him he’s always been one of the characters I’ve looked for in any lantern books. His dial is pretty straightforward featuring charge, sidestep, invulnerability, toughness, and probability control. He also has a special version of perplex that increases the targets defense by +1 against close combat attacks, as well as the ability to use close combat expert and empower. Brother Warth is a rare so I’m hoping that I can trade someone else to get one if I don’t manage to pull him. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and you hear joyful screaming this Tuesday night it might be me cheering because I just got my favorite Blue Lantern.