The Birth of Gotik Thunderbowed

Last night I found myself with an unoccupied evening coupled with a Dungeons and Dragons campaign at my friendly local gaming store. It’d been nearly a year since I’d played in a game of D&D since I usually GM, and I was eager to take up the role of an adventurer once again. With less than an hour to put a character together I decided that I wanted to play a defender, and that idea gave birth to a paladin of Kord named Gotik Thunderbowed. Unlike most paladins he has a somewhat contentious relationship with his chosen deity. In a youthful display of the confidence that makes all member of the goliath race such a force to be reckoned with he stood atop a mountain during a storm calling the warrior god to face him in battle. The strength of the storm swept Gotik off of the mountain like a child’s plaything and sent him hurtling down to the rocks below. He would have died on those rocks but a party of pilgrims passing through the mountains came upon him and nursed him back to health. In his sickbed they told him stories of the deities and the legends of their deeds. When he was well enough Gotik set out to prove his prowess to Kord, by vanquishing foes in his name in the hopes that he will one day prove himself worthy of a contest with the god himself. Gotik is strong and hearty, but he’s also honorable and quick to make friends.

He crossed paths with the party upon waking in the stables where he’d been working in exchanged for a place to sleep and a few meals. With the horses slaughtered and the rest of the town fallen into the Shadowfell he eagerly took up his maul to aid the party. The team consisted of two rogues and a warforged defender, so his healing abilities were well received as was his radiant damage when we faced off with a horde of the undead. It was a great evening and I hope to continue playing Gotik in the future.