Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Legacy of the Crystal Shard is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for characters between level one and level three making it a perfect starting point for new players who are beginning their first campaign. It includes a sixty-four page campaign guide that describes Icewind Dale, a thirty-two page book describing the adventure, and a deluxe DM screen. The DM screen is really great because the exterior shows a map of the Ten Towns allowing players to get a glimpse of the region they’re campaigning in. I don’t want to give away any of the plot points for the adventure in case any of our readers are planning to play or run it in the future but I will let you in on the following tidbits. Strange events are taking place in Icewind Dale, endless snowstorms and ravenous beasts have hounded the region more so than ever before with no end in sight. The choices the adventurers make will decide the fate of Icewind Dale. If you’ve ever wanted to play an inhabitant of one of the Ten Towns, a barbarian warrior of the Elk Tribe, or one of the dwarves of the Echoing Halls this is probably your best chance to do so. Legacy of the Crystal Shard is compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, 4th Edition, and D&D Next so you have a couple of possible options depending on which edition you prefer playing with.



Aulasha, the Librarian

While reading through Races of Destiny I stumbled upon an interesting deity that I’d never heard of before, Aulasha the ascended illumian who became a demigod. She appears as an elderly woman with white hair wearing a brown robe, tiny books surrounding her head in place of the sigils that a normal illumian would have. With the aid of her followers she built the Library of the Sublime in the Astral Sea, this vast storehouse of information contained all the assembled lore and knowledge of her race and much more. Unfortunately a githyanki army drove her out of the library some time ago and looted the contents. Now she spends her days hunting across the cosmos trying to recover the lost contents of her library. Some illumians still blame Aulasha for the loss of the Library of the Sublime and a cult has been founded to destroy her faith and strip her of her divinity.