While I was reading through an article about the new Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set over at Wizards of the Coast I noticed something interesting. In the midst of discussing which character classes were going to be included Mr. Mearls makes a comment that I think is worth taking note of. The set comes with five pre-made characters including a dwarf cleric, two human fighters, an elf wizard, and a halfling rogue.  One of the fighters wears heavy armor and wields an ax while the other wears leather armor and uses a bow, which feels a bit more like a ranger than a fighter but that’s a separate issue. Mr. Mearls says the reason they chose to include two different versions of the fighter rather than an additional class is because “…the fighter is easily the most popular class in the game…”. Now I’m wondering if that’s actually true, so I decided to set up a poll to give people a chance to cast their ballot and see how the fighter stacks up. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing my fighters however I still think other character classes are more popular so we’ll see what you all have to say about it.

I tried to create and option for all of the classes but if I missed a class please vote for other and leave a comment.