The Hand of Glory

The Hand of Glory is a the dried hand of a man who has been hanged and when a candle is placed in its grip it is supposed to bestow magical powers on whoever wields it. According to some stories the candle had to have been made using the fat from the hanged man, or using his hair as the wick of the candle. The exact powers of these dubious objects are as transitory as the method of their creation. Some say that anyone except the one who wields it will be unable to move if caught in its light, others claim that it grants light only to the person holding it, there are also rumors that it can unlock any door. It doesn’t take much imagination to employ one of these dubious magical objects in a campaign, perhaps as a tool of an antagonist or as a reward for the thief in your party. The Hand of Glory is an actual artifact that is found throughout European folklore and several of them are even in display in museums. Potter fans may recall that Harry came across one of these unpleasant objects in Borgin & Burkes during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. They’ve appeared in a number of other television series including Supernatural, The Dresden Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Lost Girl.