Dungeon Roll

Dungeon Roll captures the essence of your basic dungeon crawl within a small package that looks suspiciously like a mimic. Players take turns rolling dice to assemble parties of heroes who venture into the maw of darkness in search of treasure and experience points. While that player tries to earn the most experience and find the most valuable bits of treasure another takes on the roll of the Dungeon Lord, who throws obstacles into their path. Players may continue moving deeper and deeper into the dungeon in an effort to earn a greater amount of experience, however should their party fall somewhere in the dark below the earth they will lose all that they might have won. After three rounds the player who has earned the greatest amount of experience points is declared the winner. In some ways this game reminds of zombie dice, especially with the risk of losing the points you need to win versus not risking enough and failing to earn the required points with as much speed as bolder players might. It makes a perfect addition to a collection and it seems like the perfect thing to play while you’re waiting for a late player to turn up or as a vaccine against the gold fever that sometimes infects adventurers.



Shaman Heroclix

Since someone was nice enough to buy me a Shaman of my very own, completing my collection of Alpha Flight Heroclix, I thought I’d sing his praises here on the Daily D4. So what makes Shaman so great? First and foremost is his trait “No Flight” Spell which strips all other figures on the board of the ability to fly until Shaman is KO’d. On the right map and against an unwary opponent that can be a devastating blow. His special power Medicine Bag of the Void, which conjures a standard light object into an adjacent square and grants allies the ability to use super strength to pick it up is also quite fun. For example if he’s playing alongside of Sasquatch and the good doctor has yet to transform his less hairy counterpart could pick up the object and use it to dissuade an approaching enemy. His special ability to use barrier, and prevent it from being target by a character with one or more action points may even allow you to bottleneck your opponent rather effectively if they aren’t patient. Aside from that he’s a very nice support piece with a slew of standard powers including: sidestep, telekinesis, penetrating/psychic blast, super senses, regeneration, perplex, support, and shape change. The fact that he has the mystic team ability, meaning that whenever he is damaged the attacker takes a click of damage as well, certainly doesn’t hurt his chances of contributing to your victory. As long as you’re able to avoid having him face off toe to toe with the Hulk or War Machine he should be able to give Alpha Flight or any other team a great deal of help.



Pizza Dice

How many times has your gaming group devoted more time to discussing which toppings to get on their pizza than the dragon threatening to set fire to them and the caravan their guarding. Well those days are over! With a pair of your very own pizza dice choosing toppings is as easy as rolling a pair of D6. Each side is marked with a different topping allowing for numerous combinations, hopefully none of which include anchovies. For a regular gaming group I think they’re well worth the investment of three dollars.




When the most famous member of your species greatest achievement is being shot by Han Solo you don’t get too much attention, but the Rodians of the Star Wars universe are an interesting species all the same. However they do suffer from being one of the most inhuman looking intelligent races of that players can choose from in most cases. In Star Wars Saga they gain a +2 bonus to their dexterity score making them highly agile and reflecting their excellent reflexes. That said they also take a -2 to their wisdom and their charisma, they’re often an adversarial species and they aren’t known for their ability to work together. They also have low-light vision, the ability to reroll any perception check once, and bonus if they are given the Survival skill. Playing a Rodian as a Scout is a perfect fit and it takes advantage of their natural talents, they also lend themselves well to the role of a bounty hunter when the time comes for choosing prestige class.