Arkhosian Siege Tower

Today the young adventurers of Madthorn Forest worked together with the townspeople of West Briar to break the siege that threatened to strangle to secluded village. The backbone of the draconian army was an Arkhosian Siege Tower that had been unearthed from a ruined settlement in the swamps to the east. I found the stats for this interesting little device in The Threats of the Nentir Vale a while ago and I’ve been dying to use it ever since then. It’s an imposing structure wrought from metal and fashioned in the likeness of a dragon’s head, the tower is even capable of expelling a fiery blast in an area 1 burst up to 20 squares! The Arkhosian Empire is a fascinating aspect of 4th Edition and since we happen to have a dragonborn warlord in our party it seemed like a perfect time to put it back into use.