Rust Monster

Dragons, drow, and giants might be more famous but there are few monsters so capable of striking terror in the hearts of an adventurer as the rust monster. These creatures are drawn to metal they’ll corrode it in a matter of seconds turning precious weapons and armor into mounds of scrap. The method they use to accomplish this has varied slightly over the years, until recently they corroded the metal by touching it with their antenna but now they are capable of doing so by biting it. I think I prefer the idea of them using their antenna but that’s just me. They’ve appeared in every edition of Dungeons and Dragons to date and the creature was apparently inspired by a plastic toy Gary Gygax came across. If you’re looking for something classic, fun, and sure to make your party panic a bit try breaking out the rust monster.


War of Light Heroclix Event

Based on the War of Light event that took place in the DC Comics universe some time ago, the fast approaching beginning of the Heroclix event promises to be an exciting one. The Green Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Sinsetro Corps, Star Sapphires, Indigo Tribe, Black Lanterns, and White Lanterns are all going to make appearances. There will be characters of varying degrees of fame in each of the respective lantern corps including: Sinestro, Hal Jordan, Atrcoitus, Indigo-1, Saint Walker, Agent Orange, Nekron, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and many more are all waiting to join the fray. With so many figures there’s sure to be a few gems in every pack. As with the Fear Itself event the War of Light boosters are only available to those who participate until Wizkids decides to allow retailers to sell them individually.

In case you couldn’t tell I’m really looking forward to the War of Light and I’ve already reserved my spot for the event at my friendly local gaming store. I’ll be doing a write up about my experiences and I’ll probably record some videos to show off the Heroclix I get.