Deadpool Heroclix

Last night was the final event for Superman and the Legion of Superheroes at my friendly local gaming store, and it was also the first time I managed to get my hands on any of the boosters for the new Deadpool set. In all honesty I’m not a huge fan of Deadpool but this seems like it’s going to be a fun collection of figures. The lineup features several incarnations of the merc with the mouth, characters from the Heroes for Hire, Marvel Knights, the Thunderbolts, and all of the chase figures appear to be zombie versions of various Marvel villains. It also introduces a new mechanic to Heroclix which can be employed when using Deadpool. Word balloons which can be found scattered through the boosters can be attached to Deadpool and used to enhance his abilities. My favorite one thus far is “I’m going to lick your hand now.”


Zero Charisma

When one of the players quits his ongoing campaign GM Scott Weidemeyer is forced to fill the position with a new player who turns his world into a living nightmare. At the same time his absentee mother visits threatening to disrupt the balance of his life at home forever. Scott, played by Sam Eidson, is one of those GMS who just can’t seem to set aside the rules and what he wants for his game in order to allow his players to have fun and tell their own stories. As it happens he’s also an embodiment of many of the negative stereotypes that are often applied to tabletop gamers. He lives in his grandmother’s house, he has a dead end job delivery takeout, his romantic prospects are non-existent, and he’s kind of a jerk to everyone he meets. The movie is really about the relationships that exist in gaming groups more than it is about the games themselves. It’s a very entertaining film and I think every GM should watch it.


Dungeons and Dragons Next

Wizards of the Coast has recently announced the release dates for the first wave of products exclusively utilizing the newest incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons. There will be a Player’s Handbook, a Monster Manual, a DM Guide, a starter set, and a handful of single adventures to get the dice rolling. Rather then trying to delve into all of that material in a single post, I’ll be featuring each of the products in upcoming installments of the Daily D4. It is very interesting to see all of the artwork lined up side by side however.


The Tropic of Serpents: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent was a wonderful book, and an excellent way for anyone planning to use dragons in a campaign to do a bit of research. The second book in the series picks up three years after Isabella’s journey into the mountains of Vystrana. This time Isabella treks out into a swamp known as The Green Hell in search of on the continent of Eriga in search of the rare swamp-wyrms. I’m anticipating lots of horrible conditions, muck, and an interesting take on how dragons might adapt to surviving in a more marsh-like environment. If you’re curious head to your favorite bookstore and pick up a copy today.