Star Wars RPG Age of Rebellion Beginner Game

For some reason I love the idea of a box that contains everything you need to play an RPG, even if it is only enough to get you started. The second beginner box for the latest Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight the Age of Rebellion Beginner Game focuses on the battle of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. The box includes four pre-made characters that can be used to jump right into the adventure that is also included. Cael the soldier, Zal the ace, Vendri the spy, and Tendaar the engineer do seem to capture the ragtag feel that I would expect to find in a group of soldiers fighting for the Rebel Alliance. Cael and Zal are humans, Vendire is a duros, and Tendaar is a Mon Calamari. You’ll also find a foldout map of the Whisper Base, a set of tokens, a set of the custom dice needed to play the game, and a rulebook that explains the rules. The map of Whisper Base is really nice and it makes an excellent addition to any tabletop gaming group’s collection.

I haven’t tried the new Star Wars RPG, but I think this might be a great way to get started. Unlike the previous beginner game released by Fantasy Flight I think this one presents a common cause that could rally a group of players together without much effort on the GM’s part. Honestly who doesn’t want to knock that helmet right off of Darth Vader’s head and blow up the Death Star?

As an aside I love the box art for this release far too much. I especially like the filthy little astromech droid that is rolling around in the midst of the battlefield.



Red Dragon Inn Allies: Wrench the Kobold

Kobold. If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons you’ve probably fought a band of these tricky little reptilian creeps at one time or another. They’re known for paling around with dragons, setting traps, and being far craftier than they are strong. The newest ally for the Red Dragon Inn game from Slugfest is a kobold named Wrench, and he seems to capture the oily essence of what it is to be a kobold. He won’t be available to the public until 2015 so there isn’t a wealth of information available right now but here’s what I do know. He seems to be a tinkerer whose inventions have impressed enough adventurers to earn him a place in the party. His inventions also seem to go haywire pretty routinely leading to some unexpected glitches.



Dresden Lives

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series inspired a pretty fantastic RPG, and now the team over at Evil Hat Productions has created a live-action roleplaying game based on it as well. Dresden Lives is a LARP intended for a group of players ranging from five to forty each of whom will be playing their own unique Dresdenverse character. One of my favorite things about the Dresden Files RPG was all of the little notes and asides written by actual characters from the series that had been scattered throughout books, and it seems that this will be something that’s carried over into the LARP. The core book for Dresden Lives promises to include everything you need to play and I for one will be looking forward to its release.