Psionic Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

There’s been a campaign idea bouncing around in my head for quite a while now, I ran it by Jade once or twice and she liked it enough that I think it warrants a bit of attention. The idea is for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign in which all of the characters are playing one of the psionic classes, such as psions, monks, ardents, and battleminds. The main villain of the campaign is a mind flayer who only feasts on the minds of people with psionic potential. One of the first foes I’m planning on having them face is a intellect devourer sent to sniff out powerful psychics. In the campaign setting psionic power is a rare thing so our mind flayer often goes year without a meal, making him very anxious to get his hands on anyone who he can snack on.

The psionic classes have always been of interest to me, especially monks, but since they didn’t appear in 4th Edition until the release of the Players Handbook 3 I feel as though they were lost in the shuffle. Before the campaign could start I’d have to get my hands of a copy of Psionic Power to give players as many options as possible when choosing their powers and such. As I said a rough idea, but a peak into the mind of a GM.