Happy Easter everyone, here’s today’s does of the Daily D4!


There are a ton of fantastic races to play in Dungeons and Dragons, but none of them are quite like the Revenant. These animated souls occupy the same bodies that were theirs in life, raised from the dead to carry out a task. The Raven Queen is the only being with the power to create one of these undead avengers, but she sometimes negotiates with others and creates a revenant on their behalf. The story potential for the revenant is really the thing that draws me to the race more than anything else. Who raised them from the dead? What is the task they’ve been brought back for? Are they the only revenant currently walking the world? There are so many interesting questions about them that can be woven into a campaign’s story I think they make an excellent option.




There’s something very entertaining about the idea of an enormous partly reptilian chicken that can turn people to stone, and that’s exactly what the monstrous cockatrice is. The first time I ran a game of Dungeons and Dragons a cockatrice was responsible for turning the only child of the local noble into a statue, and the party was tasked with hunting in down and gathering some of its feathers which could be used to concoct an antidote if they found the beast. They’re not terribly powerful but the threat of being petrified adds an extra element of danger to any encounter with a cockatrice that players and GMs can enjoy. You can actually trace their lore back through the centuries and they are mentioned many times in medieval manuscripts Images of these strange creatures even appear on buildings dating back to the 14th century.