The Dungeon Master Experience by Chris Perkins

Someone suggested that I should incorporate tips for game masters into the Out of Character blog, and I liked the idea but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about getting it started. So I turned to an old favorite of mine, the Dungeon Master Experience articles written by Chris Perkins and I thought I’d give them some praise on the Daily D4. The series went on for several years and Mr. Perkins tackled a wide variety of issues GMs of at any level of experience might be confronted with. Everything from simple tips on how to make your maps a bit better looking, to employing the gods in a campaign, crafting encounters, building worlds, and even how to begin or end a campaign were all discussed at one time or another. It’d be a disservice to try and condense down all of that material, but I will say I’ve read over all of them and I highly recommend reading them if you find yourself behind the GM screen with any sort of regularity.


Red Dragon Inn Allies: Ozrik the Adept

Slugfest Games has added another ally to the Red Dragon Inn game, Ozrik the Adept master of the elements and a man looking to make up for all of the property damage he’s caused over the years. Ozrik’s character deck apparently allows his player to power up his individual cards by discarding other cards from their hand. Managing you hand size so that you can really pack a powerful punch while deciding which cards to discard makes for a pretty interesting challenge, and it’s also pretty unique compared to the other sets the preceded Ozrik. I have to say the idea of being able to employ earth, air, fire, and water against an inn filled with unruly adventurers sounds like a lot of fun too. As with all of the other allies Ozrik’s deck comes with a player mat, counters, gold coins, and everything else needed to use him allowing for easy use with any of the other Red Dragon Inn sets. It’ll be available in August of 2014 so keep your eyes peeled and your tankards full until then.

I’m seriously thinking of acquiring all of the allies and having them duke it out to see who should end up a full fledged member of the party.


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