So now that real life has settled down and we are returning to a schedule that could be confused with something like a normal I am going to do my best to get back to posting on the blog and updating the podcast on a regular basis once again. This means the Daily D4 will hopefully be a daily installment, however there will probably be times when I just can’t find the spare time to write up a worthwhile post on a given day. The podcast will be easier to manage though given that we can record them in advance when the need arises.

We have been forced to downgrade our account for the site that hosts the podcast due to the fact that Jade lost her job recently, meaning there is a smaller allotment of time for us to use each month. Hopefully we can still fit four up there each month and manage to fit everything into the new space.

A few things I’d like to do in the near future include completing Neverwinter, Pain and Grain as well as running through the deadly Tomb of Horrors, I’d also like to play a few more RPGs on the podcast and do further reviews similar to the one I did of Mutants and Masterminds a few months ago. I’d also like to try to get a few Pittsburgh gaming VIPs to participate in the podcast but that’ll probably take a while to pull off.

So there’s a quick update for all the folks who enjoy the podcast, look for more episodes soon and I hope you’ll continue reading and listening.