13th Age Halflings

13th Age introduces a few twists on the origins of Halflings that anyone looking to play one of the diminutive folk should enjoy. In a sermon delivered only once by the Priestess she told a tale of how the Prince of Shadows had slipped into the minds of the gods and discovered a race dwelling within their thoughts. According to the stories the Prince of Shadows sensed that the Halflings might one day prove crucial to saving the world and brought them back with him. The idea that Halflings had to be smuggled out of the mind of a god by the greatest thief in the world seems like a perfect fit for these stealthy wanderers.



X-Men: Under Siege

Have you ever dreamt of commanding the X-Men as they fought off evil mutants who’ve invaded their mansion than you might want to give X:Men Under Siege a try. Originally released back in 1994 I only heard about this game recently at a friendly local gaming store. The game includes eighteen of the famous mutants, two to four players each choose a pair of the X-Men to control as they fight their way through the mansion. There’s an added element of strategy as you decided how to tackle the villains roaming the corridors. Will you divide your forces up and try to take multiple floors at once? Which areas of the mansion will you secure first? Even your choice of X-Men offers an extra ability. In case anyone is wondering you’ll get to choose between Archangel, Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Cable, Cyclops, Gambit, Havok, Iceman, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Longshot, Maverick, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, and Wolverine.