I love simple games that can be explained in a matter of seconds and played over and over for a lifetime, so when I heard about Pairs I got very excited. James Ernest from Cheapass Games describes Pairs as a pub game, which means it’s intended to be played quickly without getting bogged down in complex rules while allowing players to come and go throughout the game. It uses a fifty-five card deck and each of the cards are numbered between one and ten. There’s only a single one card in each deck, but there are two twos, three threes, four fours and so on. Each turn players choose to either take a card or fold, when a player gets a matching set of cards they get points and they lose the hand. Play continues in this pattern until a set number of points has been reached, the player who reaches that number is the loser.

Fans of the Kingslayer Trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss will also be excited to hear that the initial deck will feature art based on the series. The Kickstarter is ongoing and the project is already funded but there are still a couple of extra decks that could be unlocked. I think my favorite is still the vegetable deck that has already been unlocked though.