I only managed to roll a one today, but I’ve got a pretty good game to discuss that I’ve been waiting to talk about for some time now.


Trollhalla pits seafaring trolls against one another in a contest to see which of them can claim the most captives from scattered islands. Aboard their viking long ships the troll crews must contend with harsh weather, unruly goats, and of course other trolls who are every bit as eager to claim loot as they themselves are. During your turn you fill the long ships with trolls and roll colored dice to determine if any of the ships will set sail during that turn. The ships can only sail once they have been filled with trolls, so in the event that there’s still room at the oars a troll chief steps into to claim a share of the booty. You’ll also need to send some of your trolls out to scout so that you can safely sail ships along different courses.

Instead of collecting gold, jewels, or precious works of arts trolls are only interested in one thing. Prisoners. By collecting a blend of farmers, monks, noblemen, princesses, and cattle you increase your score bringing your trolls one step closer to victory. Each type of prisoner carries a different point value, and bonus points are awarded for collecting a set of each variety. However the islands are also home to goats, fierce enemies of the trolls who will knock other captives off of your boat when captured. Although the goats are worth points as well having one come aboard can reduce your score drastically.

Collecting weather cards allows you to blow ships off course, or sweep troll scouts off of the board forcing them to sail along a different path. You can also turn the ships before they set sail altering which of the trolls will collect which prisoners upon their arrival. It’s very entertaining to see someone realize that rather than the princess they were expecting they’ve captured an unruly billy goat.

A product of Z-Man Games Trollhalla has received several awards and if you’re looking for something truly unique to add to your collection this is a fantastic option. It’s a perfect blend of strategy and lighthearted fun that most people will enjoy.