Gnome Tree Topper

Every year I buy a new decoration for our Christmas tree, and this year I finally found the perfect tree topper that has been eluding me for so long. At a glance you might think that it’s a Santa Clause decoration but it is in fact a gnome. Jade spotted this while we were shopping at Target and it seemed like the perfect addition to our tree. Gnomes seem like one of the Dungeons and Dragons races that are often ignored in favor of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings.



Star Wars Saga Edition: Threats of the Galaxy

While I was browsing through the used books at Phantom Games here in Pittsburgh I happened upon a copy of Threats of the Galaxy. Since the books have gone out of print they’re somewhat difficult to find, since I’ve been running campaigns using this system as play-by-posts for the last few years this book has been on my wish list for quite a while. Most of the source books explain the details of the eras during which a campaign could be set such as the Old Republic, the Clone Wars, the Dark Times, the Rebellion, or the Legacy era but Threats of the Galaxy is a bit different.

Rather than defining an era of the Star Wars universe Threats of the Galaxy presents a collection of iconic NPCs. Assassins, Dathomiri witches, bounty hunters, Corellian Sand Panthers, soldiers, Hutt gangsters, and droids all have their place within the pages. Aside from a useful array of NPCs there are several features that players could find quite interesting. The character traits necessary to make a Bith character are included, as well as several new talents and pieces of equipment.