Warhammer: Dark Heresy

I listened in on a game of Warhammer: Dark Heresy a few of my friends were playing over Skype the other day and it got me interested in the system for the first time. Not that I’ve got anything against Warhammer that is. It just seems like a very dark universe and I’m usually drawn to settings that aren’t quite so grim. Set in the far future the game focuses on fighting off the horrors that lurk in the depths of space, battling heretics, and sheer terror. During the game I listened in on the party encountered a group of mercenaries who’d been hired to hound them, and a cult of tech priests. They also explained that space travel is essentially possible because the emperor, who is himself a lich bound to his throne, keeps ships from being torn apart by a blend of mental powers and sheer force of will. I’ve never played but I’d definitely gift it a shot, I thought that the assassin class seemed pretty interesting but there’s a lot of good ones.



Mirage Heroclix

After taking part in another Heroclix tournament this Tuesday I’m sad to say my new team didn’t perform as well as I’d hoped. That’s just part of the game though, trying out different combinations to see what works together well. I did have one figure that really stood out though, Mirage of the New X-Men. For a mere 75 points she is a fantastic figure with a number of very useful abilities that change in a number of interesting ways as she progresses through her dial. Sidestep, blades/claws/fangs, willpower, mind control, incapacitate, probability control, incapacitate, and shape change are all present for at least one click. With a range of seven squares she makes for a very nice ranged attacker, while her ability to use stealth and smoke cloud as a free action helps to break up line of fire to your own units. Since she has so many keywords she’s also adaptable if you’re planning to build a theme team of some sort.

Near the end of her dial she gains the special ability Brightwind. As a Valkyrie Dani’s magical winged horse Brightwind has carried her into battle on more than one occasion. After she’d taken the high ground in my match and peppered my opponents Magik with arrows she took a final bit of damage and gained Brightwind. On her next turn I pushed her and sent her soaring down to finish Magik off with a lucky roll of blades/claw/fangs.

If Mirage has any weakness it is her lack of defensive power. Simply put she can be taken off of the board before she brings her abilities into play if some has a savage enough attacker on the field.