I rolled a one today, but I have something good to talk about so I hope everyone will still enjoy this.

Forbidden Desert

I’ve played Forbidden Island quite a few times and it’s one of my favorite games for a couple of reasons. It’s relatively simply, has an extraordinarily high replay value, and it’s the sort of game that pretty much anyone can enjoy. Cooperative games are great because so many games pit you and your friends against one another it’s nice to have the chance to work together for a change. Forbidden Desert is a sort of sequel to Forbidden Island, and it shares many of its predecessors positive traits. This time your explorers find themselves stranded in a desert that’s plagued by sandstorms. In order to escape before the sands rise high enough to bury them alive they must assemble the parts of an ancient flying machine that will carry them to safety. Forbidden Desert adds extra items to help the players, underground ruins to explore, and the danger of dehydration. While the explorers are wandering in the desert they’ll need to keep a close eye on their canteens if they want to survive. Since Forbidden Desert is a bit more complex than Forbidden Island it does lose some of the simplicity that I loved about the original game, but this is still a wonderful addition to any collection.