Today’s installment of The Daily D4 brings a few more Heroclix as items, as well as one that is only related to superheroes. I think I might be a bit obsessed at the moment.

The Bioshock Infinite Heroclix Starter Set

Based on the extremely popular Bioshock Infinite game this starter set includes six fully painted figures from the actual game, a set of dice, maps, and an explanation of all the Heroclix rules. I’ve actually played Bioshock Infinite and if you haven’t tried it out yet it’s definitely worth giving it a look. The reason I wound up purchasing this set was to give it to my friend Sebastian as an early Christmas present in the hopes of getting him to enjoy the game as much as I do. He opened it up this evening and played his first ever game of Heroclix, which I did record and it will be one of our next podcasts in the near future.

The figures play really well and they have a wide range of abilities. They all have a wide variety of useful abilities that work with a variety of styles of play, but I have to say one of the most impressive ones is the handyman. I was a bit disappointed to see that the dice for the set are just plain black d6s rather than something like the ones included the Avengers vs. the X-Men starter sets. If you’ve got friends who aren’t that into superheroes but they’re video game lovers I recommend getting them this set.


Teen Titans Ravagers Heroclix Set

Beast Boy is one of my favorite comic book characters, so when I saw this set at my friendly local gaming store I felt the need to scoop it up. Like most sets it comes with several painted figures, but don’t confuse them with the classic Teen Titans.

Fairchild starts out as a clever and stealthy fighter then transforms into a powerhouse halfway through her dial, Thunder and Lightning are and effective duo of powerful ranged combatants, Beast Boy is able to switch between a wide variety of powers making him a highly adaptable melee fighter, Ridge is your big tough melee fighter and he looks like a dinosaur which makes him even cooler, and Terra’s ability to use quake at a range makes her a really useful piece for breaking up mobs.

Now, I probably wouldn’t recommend this for a first set if you’re trying to start out with Heroclix for a couple of reasons. The set doesn’t come with any dice or action tokens so you’ll have to make do with materials you have on hand. However this collection is less expensive than most of the other sets I’ve seen so if you’re looking for a great team on a budget this is worth considering.


Mutants and Mastermind’s 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s Guide

I participated in the secret Santa over at Critical Failures this year and I just got my gift, my very own copy of the Mutants and Mastermind’s 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s Guide. I’ve been without one despite the fact that I’ve run campaigns using this system for years. Unlike the player’s handbook the guide focuses on building campaigns, worlds, allies, and adversaries for your heroes to face. With hundreds of pages of material I can’t give a detailed description without taking up too much time, but I will mention a few of my favorite features.

The villainous archetypes section is an interesting read and it’s also pretty inspiring. Covering everything from gun-totting assassins and mind controlling warlords robotic renegades and evil elementals there are all sorts of bad guys you can alter to fit into your campaign. This section also includes a detailed description of what their motivations might be, their potential tactics in combat, and the sort of crimes they might carry out.

Villainous lairs a big part of most heroic adventures. Whether you’re storming Doctor Doom’s castle in Latveria or tracking the Joker through a maze of mirrors in the abandoned circus he’s been using as a hideout they’re a great setting for a climactic battle with a major villain. There’s a detailed section towards the end of the book that gives descriptions and maps for several different sorts of headquarters where you’re villains can go to hand up their death rays after a long day of pillaging the earth.

Lastly the NPC section is something that I think players can get a lot out of as well as gamemaster’s. It includes an extensive list of creatures such as skeletons, giant insects, soldiers, civilians, criminals, and ordinary animals that can be ready to step into a campaign at a moment’s notice. The creatures all include their minion level so if you want to whip up a new creature to summon all you have to do is find one that fits you level and theme.

It’s an entertaining and insightful piece of work that I find myself reading for the sheer joy of it. I’ve already been inspired to create a few new villains for my current M&M campaign. If you’re thinking about running one of you’re own you should definitely pick this book up.