Today I have three great things to talk about in the Daily D4, and yes I am still crazy about Heroclix so they’ll be getting some more attention this time around.

The Avengers vs. The X-Men Heroclix, The Avengers Starter Set

Last week I took part in my first organized Heroclix tournament, and it was so much fun I’m planning to take part in another event this Tuesday. This time the event focuses on the Avengers vs. The X-Men comic series produced by Marvel comics a while ago. Players will join forces and team up to see who will emerge victorious. Both of the new starter sets being released in anticipation of the event are fantastic and I couldn’t pick just one to write about. So I’m going to write about both of them instead.

I chose the Avengers because I prefer the characters that are included in it. The set comes with six Heroclix; Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Scarlet Witch. It also includes a set of the rules for the game, a quick reference guide for all of the powers, a double sided map featuring Stark Tower as well as Utopia, custom dice bearing the Avenger’s logo, action tokes with various Avenger’s portraits on them, and of course an assortment of objects. The set was a bit of an investment but it seems like a great way to get back into the game, and it comes with everything you need to play.

Thor is probably the most powerful figure in the set, dealing five damage on his first click he has all of the powers you expect the god of thunder to command. The rest of the set is just as good though. The Scarlet Witch has probability control and the ability to force opponents to re-roll an attack any time she’s struck, making her very hard to bring down. Captain America is an unstoppable combatant with incredible durability, powerful attacks, and fantastic abilities. Iron Man can fly, shoot, and outwit anything that crosses his path. Spider-Man is a great melee fighter with plenty of powers to weaken his opponents, and the fact that he gains willpower late in his dial means he’ll fight to the bitter end. Wolverine is, of course, a ferocious figure who can tear through just about anything you put in front of him if he isn’t dealt with carefully.

I picked mine up at a friendly local gaming store called the Geekadrome, which is the same place that I just played Heroclix. I can’t wait to put it to use next week and I’ll be sure to let you guys know how my Avenger’s fare.


The Avengers vs. The X-Men Heroclix, The X-Men Starter Set

The X-Men starter set includes everything that the Avengers set does, but it’s all geared towards a team of mutants struggling to survive on a tabletop world that hates and fears them. The roster for this kit is comprised of Cyclops, Colossus, Magik, Namor, Emma Frost, and Magneto. It also includes action tokens marked with X-Men characters, a set of custom dice emblazoned with their trademark X, object tokens, and a double sided map.

I haven’t seen these figures in action yet, but I will say their powers scare me. Especially Colossus. His ability to rip a Sentinel in half and cast it aside like an old soda can might not be flashy but they certainly get the job done. I think that the major advantage this set has over the Avenger’s is each of its characters abilities differ pretty radically from the rest without too much crossover. It’s difficult to adapt to your opponent’s strategy when they can alter it at the drop of a hat.


The Play’s The Thing

I stopped by Phantom Games today as well,yes I went to two game stores in one day please don’t judge me, and I picked up a copy of The Play’s The Thing a product of Magpie Games. This is a storytelling game where players transform the immortal works of Shakespeare into something strange and new. Imagine of if Macbeth had murdered his wife Desdemona, or if Romeo had fallen in love with Juliet’s mother. The Playwright must incorporate these elements into the play and you all work together to help it develop over a two to three hour period. It seems like a really interesting game, and it reminds me of Fiasco only a bit more fun since it has the Shakespearean twist to it.