After a prolonged absence the Daily D4 is making its triumphant return. Lats night I took part in my first ever sealed Heroclix tournament at the friendly local gaming store. It was really fun and I enjoyed participating in it quite a bit, I’m even thinking about going back to take part in the team finale next week. Since I’m in a bit of Heroclix mood at the moment I thought I’d devote this installment of the Daily D4 to Heroclix that I encountered last night.



One of the first choices I made for my 300 point team was Rictor, based on the X-Force member with seismic powers. He’s a solid ranged attacker capable of unleashing a powerful quake when the need arises. His defensive abilities also make it difficult to hit from any kind of distance so if you pair him up with a melee fighter you can protect him for the entire match. Another benefit to Rictor is that he is a lot sturdier than some of the other ranged specialists out there and as he takes damage he gains willpower. That means that he can take an extra action without taking pushing damage. We were playing on a map of the Canadian wilderness so I always said that when Rictor used his ranged attack his trying to bring the mountain down on the heads of the enemy.




The two-dimensional member of The Great Lakes Avengers is a fantastic choice for a very small point investment. He has the ability to use outwit on any character whose point total is 100 or less, meaning that you can negate one of the powers of an opposing figure at the right moment. Since there are plenty of figures whose totals are within that range it’s also something that you can find yourself using a lot. His plasticity makes it difficult for other characters caught in melee with him to escape, and he has the ability to ignore walls while making his movements.




Legion was the highest costing figure on my four man team, and he was worth every single point. He has a ton of abilities including outwit, probably control, toughness, and many more making him a potent figure in any match. Since he can fly he can carry other figures around the board depositing them where they’re abilities can be best employed. My favorite thing about him is the mechanic that they came up with the handle his multiple personalities. Legion has many personalities and each of them have a different superpower, to pull that off you roll a d6 at the start of each turn and gain a different ability based on that roll. Some are really good and increase your abilities, others can make the figure less effective so it keeps things interesting.




M was actually in the team I faced in my first match, she was also one of the toughest characters I encountered that night. Aside from her enormous defensive abilities, which make her extremely difficult to injure, she also has the ability to outwit other characters abilities and deals huge amount of damage. Best of all she heals herself for one click of damage at the start of each turn so even if someone manage to knock her down a peg she has the potential to come right back.