Sorry that this installment of the Daily D4 was delayed, going to the circus left me pretty tired and I didn’t want
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Invisible Castle

There are quite a few websites, apps, and programs that people to roll dice online but I’ve always preferred Invisible Castle. The website allows users to assign rolls to individual characters, make multiple rolls at the same time, and the layout of the site itself is very clean and simple. It’s a great tool for people who are involved in play-by-post games because it allows users to post their rolls and look them up later if they need to.

Website: http://invisiblecastle.com/




Myth-Weavers is a great website that hosts a online character sheets for more than thirty popular role playing game systems. It’s a great tool for players and game masters who are looking for a way to preserve copies of their character sheets for their campaigns. It also features a dungeon generator, an NPC generator, and a town generator. That great tools for game masters who find themselves without a lot of time on their hands. Why not make your game master’s life a bit easier and create a Myth-Weavers character sheet so that they can keep track of things a bit more easily?

Website: http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumhome.php




A tile laying game where plays take turn setting down tiles marked with twisting paths on the board the follow those paths with their dragons. The goal of the game is to keep your dragon from flying off of the edge of the board, or crashing into one of the other player’s dragons for as long as possible. The player whose dragon is the last one remaining on the board wins. The game is easy to play, it has an extremely high replay value, and it can be played in about ten or fifteen minutes making it an excellent choice for a game night. It’s also one of the most attractive games that I’ve ever seen.