I rolled a three today, which works because there are three things I’d really like to talk about.

Band of Zombies

Pittsburgh is a big zombie town. You can easily trip over a couple of zombies when you step out to put some gas in your car, which isn’t all that surprising considering that George Romero filmed Night of the Living Dead a short distance away from the city. All Flesh Must Be Eaten is an award winning survival/horror role playing game that focuses on zombies. There are lots of games that dwell on terrifying their plays and making them think that death is lurking just around the corner, but All Flesh Must Be Eaten is one of the only ones that allow the zombies to take center stage.

Band of Zombies is a source book for All Flesh Must Be Eaten that was written by Jason Vey, a resident of Pittsburgh and a regular at Phantom Games. The book focuses the World War II era and includes a ton of great material for anyone looking to run a campaign during that period of time. A few of the things you’ll find inside are rules for mass combat, naval combat, optional tactical miniatures rules, and advice for running a WWII campaign. It also features the first complete highly detailed setting for the game.

I haven’t played All Flesh Must Be Eaten yet, but I’ll certainly be picking up Band of Zombies to give it a try. I’d also like to congratulate everyone who worked on the book and wish them luck in the coming zombie apocalypse.



Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Dragons

Jade bought us tickets to Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Dragons for my birthday a few months ago and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. I drive past two billboards featuring an enormous dragon’s eye with the dates of the shows in Pittsburgh each and every day so my anticipation has been growing as they’ve crept closer and closer. The show is a lot like any other circus complete with acrobats, animal acts, clowns, and death defying stunts. However this circus has dragons, and as we all know everything is better with dragons. We’re going to see it tomorrow night so I’ll have more to share then but I think it’s going to be a great night.



Dread Pirate

Dread Pirate pits up to four players against one another in a contest to see who has the nerve to become the most infamous pirate to ever sail the seven seas. I love this game. First, it comes in an attractive wooden case containing four metal pirate ships, an expansive map, four cloth bags to store loot, and a collection of treasure. The goal of the game is to sail between colonies collecting colored gems, and once your pirate has gathered one of each gem they can set sail for Dread Island to collect buried treasure. Players can choose to barter or battle with colonies so if you’d rather be a silver tongued sea dog than a bloody buccaneer that’s an option. Attacking the other player’s ships is also an option but it can be risky, making the rewards even better if your attack succeeds. At the end of the game the pirate with the most treasure wins and claims the title of Dread Pirate.