Once you’ve come up with the basic themes and threats for your city the next phase of city creation is choosing locations to suite your campaign. If you actually live in, or have visited, the city where your campaign is taking place this can be a very entertaining experience. These are a few of the ideas that we came up with.


Saint Antony’s Chapel

Description: A breathtaking chapel in Troy Hill with a collection of 4,000 to 5,000 holy relics.


The Idea: The relics housed by Saint Anthony’s provide a powerful arsenal to be used against certain supernatural predators.

The Aspect: Holy Relic Treasure Trove

Father Mallory Keeper of the Relics
Sister Rita Twice Burned Nun

    Name: Frick Park

Description: Pittsburgh’s largest regional park.


The Idea: Two major leylines intersect in Frick Park. The powerful magic draws many of Pittsburgh’s local practitioners to the area.

The Aspect: Enchanted Forest

The Face
Lawrence Simmons Half-Satyr Park Ranger

    Name: The Bluffs

Description: The neighborhood is mostly made up of law offices, a few restaurants, vacant storefronts, rundown bars, and parking lots.


The Idea: A once prosperous neighborhood that went to the dogs when much of the industry in Pittsburgh collapsed. Many residents are trying to restore the neighborhood to it’s former glory while others sit back watching it rot.

The Aspect: Urban Decay

Bobby Black Down on His Luck Wizard
Samantha Elan Civic Minded Public Defender

    Name: Mercy Hospital

Description: The oldest hospital in the entire city, Mercy is a Catholic care facility in the Uptown area. It offers a wide range of services and boasts an extensive facility.


The Idea: The doctors at Mercy Hospital are the first stop for anyone needing treatment who wants to avoid being asked too many questions. Criminals, junkies looking to score, and the victims of monstrous attacks all make frequent visits.

The Aspect: Revolving Door Policy

Brian Rey Disillusioned Surgeon
Jason Redhand Vampire Hunting EMT

    Name: Pitt University

Description: One hundred and thirty two acres of campus nestled in the Oakland neighborhood.


The Idea: Pitt students have a reputation for wild behavior and this attitude acts like a magnet to supernatural predators.

The Aspect: Institute of Lower Learning

Chad Burke Half-Troll Quarterback
Rachel Lance Campus Security Officer in the Know

    Name: The Renaissance Hotel

Description: A beautiful hotel in the downtown area.

Idea: The hotel is recognized as neutral territory by the supernatural powers of Pittsburgh.


Aspect Classic Architecture, Modern Amenities

Oliver Dall No Nonsense Doorman
Sarah Raith White Court Chamber Maid