Unicorn City

An award winning independent film featuring a cast of characters unlike any other. When the main character has a chance to get the job of his dreams, working for a gaming company, he’s told he has to find some way to distinguish himself from the rest of the applicants. Faced with the threat of working in a taco shop with his brother and being evicted from his home he comes up with an idea that is unlike any other. Setting out into the countryside he brings tabletop gamers from far and wide out to a deserted stretch of land which he dubs Unicorn City, a place where fantasy becomes reality. However his vision of a cooperative community based on fair play, hard work, and creativity is threatened when his former GM turns up with a band of monsters to seize control.

At it’s heart Unicorn City is a simple story that asks one question. What if the lives we lived in role playing games didn’t have to exist only on the tabletop? It’s entertaining and I think that anyone whose ever felt like they wanted to run away to Hogwarts, Greyhawk, or Narnia will empathize with these characters.



The Dice Vault

Dice are an important part of most games, and some of them can be a bit expensive. There’s nothing worse than shelling out forty dollars for a nice set of carved dice only to have one or more of them go missing. The Dice Vault provides an attractive wooden container for your dice which will help protect them and give you a nice way to display them at the same time. Made by the folks over at Wyrmwood Games dice vaults come into a standard and expanded version. The expanded version holds up to ten standard size dice, while the standard holds the ordinary set of seven polyhedral dice. One of these would make a great gift for the gamer in your life, especially if you’re tired of stepping on the D4s they’ve dropped on the floor.

For more information check out their Kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/754081504/the-dice-vault-a-handcrafted-wooden-case-for-gamin