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The Dresden Filesby Jim Butcher

I’ve mentioned this series a couple of times already so I hope no one will mind me giving it a little more praise. The Dresden Files follow the adventures of Harry Dresden an chivalrous private investigator, and the only wizard in the Chicago yellow pages. Whenever Karrin Murphy of Chicago’s Special Investigations Unit comes face to face with something she can’t explain away to her mortal superiors she calls in Harry. Whenever Murphy doesn’t recruit Harry he’s forced to rely on the few clients who turn up on his doorstep looking for help. Back when I was in college I picked Dead Beat off of the shelf and from that point on I tore through the rest of Harry Dresden’s adventures like a madman. Now there are fourteen books in the series so there’s plenty for new readers to enjoy before they’ll have to worry about waiting for a new installment.

Butcher’s books are a blueprint for anyone looking to run a tabletop campaign in an urban fantasy setting, and for that reason alone they’re worth reading. Blending numerous mythologies, fairy tales, and legends he creates an intricate network to explain how the things that go bump in the night have avoided detection for so long.

Rumor has it that the latest book in the series, Skin Game, is going to be released in January so I’ll probably be carrying on with my tradition of trying to play a Dresden Files RPG campaign when I finish reading that.




Currently in development VOID is tabletop roleplaying game that set in a dark fantasy realm. Although the game isn’t finished yet I have to say that I’ve been watching it for a while now and everything I’ve seen so far suggest that it is going to be a huge success once it hits the shelves. VOID has a very original world all it’s own that I think players are going to be eager to explore. With original races, vast dangerous kingdoms, and rich lore that makes you eager to prove yourself worthy of being counted among this world’s heroes. Unlike other games this system is meant to player driven rather than GM directed. How many times has this happened at your table? Your party is sitting at an inn while the players stare at one another across the table waiting for the GM to toss some adventure their way. In this system the players make the action rather than having it happen to them which is something I find very enticing. It can be a challenge to make players feel comfortable taking the initiative to take action in character, and anything that helps make that easier is amazing.

If you want to learn more then go to the VOID Blog: http://voidrpg.com/



Pathfinder Class: The Alchemist

I’ve never played Pathfinder, but if I do I can guarantee you all that I’m going to be playing an alchemist. The fact that this class isn’t among those included in the Pathfinder Beginner’s Box is part of the reason I’ve never bought it. Why purchase something that doesn’t include the class that interests me the most? When int comes to fantasy role playing game there is a lot of competition and it’s awfully easy for games to get lost in the crowd, but I think originality can help a product stand out. Most games set in a far off magical realm feature craft thieves, mysterious wizards, hardened warriors, and devout holy men. Now I know that there are other games that feature an alchemist class, or a similarly themed one at any rate, but something about Pathfinder’s version keeps drawing my attention.

Mixing potions that can be used to blow things up, turn yourself invisible, or heal injuries all sounds like great fun. Perhaps part of the appeal is that the alchemist abilities are based on knowledge and skill rather than accumulated magical might or skill with a blade?

If anyone has any thoughts on the alchemist class please comment below because I’d really like to hear them.