I rolled a three today and I’ve got a pretty good list of things to share with you guys. So lets skip rolling for initiative an jump right into things.

RISK: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition

It’s a simple fact that most of the classic board games have been re-released with new themes meant to capture the attention of a new generation, or people who haven’t played them since a family night long, long ago. For example there are more versions of monopoly than you can shake a ten foot pole at, and the monocled miser isn’t alone in his quest to redefine himself.

Recently RISK has abandoned the common battlefield and taken to the stars in RISK: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition. This version of the game pits Commander Shepard and the Alliance against the destructive Reapers and the insidious forces of Cerberus. The game can be played in one of three ways: Basic training, Galaxy at War, or War Assets. The Basic Training mode of play is more or less the RISK we all know and love. Galaxy at War is described as being more fast paced and strategic, it also allows for team play. Lastly War Assets features dice and card game play that is meant to be much quicker than an ordinary game of RISK.

The game includes two Alliance armies, two Reaper armies, and a single Cerberus army.

I have to admit that the lack of any units depicting Mass Effect’s unique alien races is a big disappointment. Asari commandos, Turian snipers, Salarian scientists, Krogan brutes, and Quarian engineers would have made this something truly unique. Still I can understand why they went with something simpler and much more easy to produce, creating so many unique figures for a game like this would eat up a lot of time, resources, and manpower.



Tiki Topple

Tiki Topple features brightly colored tiki figures who the players are trying to arrange in a pattern that will reward them with the most points. Players draw decks of cards which allow them to shift the different tikis positions in the lineup which makes up the bulk of the game. It’s terribly simple but it’s also extraordinarily fun to play. This is the sort of game that you can set down at a table and almost anyone will enjoy playing it. Jade won’t play it with me anymore though, she says I always win.



GM’s Valet

The craftsmen over at Geek Chic don’t make furniture for geeks. The use woodcraft to carve it like the twisted offspring of elves and dwarves, creating pieces that are as beautiful as they are practical. You can see how much skill the woodworkers bring to the table in each and every piece that they make, and it is with the bowed awe of a humble commoner that I look upon their wares.

Simply put Geek Chic makes fantastic pieces of furniture that is intended to suite the needs of the nerd community specifically. Do you want an amazing table to play out your epic campaigns on? Looking for a shelf for all your tomes, scrolls, and other pieces of assorted lore? Look no further! I check out their wares for a bit of shameless gawking now and then, knowing that I’ll never be able to justify spending several thousand dollars on a gaming table. However the GM’s Valet caught my eye, and the price tag puts it just inside of the realm of my dreams.

The GM’s Valet is a feat of engineering and skill that I really think all game master’s need to appreciate. Complete with wheels, a flip-down desk, a portable library, a filing system, and a rail system that allows for the addition of extra accessories this thing has everything a GM could ever want.

Check out the GM’s Valet here at the Geek Chic website:http://www.geekchichq.com/the-game-master-valet.html


Also since the Halloween contest is closed I’d also like to announce that the winner is Hackmaster, which we will be playing as soon as I have taken enough time to familiarize myself with all of the rules.