I rolled another one today and I wanted to use it to talk about a game that’s very special to me.

Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition

The third edition of Green Ronin’s game Mutants and Masterminds is a masterful achievement that belongs in every collection. There are several role playing games that allow players to create super heroes, but Mutants and Masterminds gives them the ability to customize their character to an amazing degree. By choosing powers, skills, advantages, and complications for your hero you will be able to create something completely unique to your tabletop.Since the system isn’t tied to any particular universe it allows you to craft a setting all your own.

This was the first game I ever ran a play-by-post for, and consequently the first time I’d ever run a game for a group of total strangers. It’s usually easier running a game with people you know at least a little bit. Knowing what they like or dislike can give you some sort of a basis to build your campaign around. Creating Titan and watching a group of players bring the city to life was a fantastic experience and it helped make me a better GM.

Not too long ago I devoted an entire Out of Character podcast to Mutants and Masterminds, if you’d like to hear more about the game you should listen to it.