Since today is Halloween and all I managed to roll is a one, I decided to devote today’s installment of the Daily D4 to one of my favorite tabletop monsters.

 The Purple Worm

One of the first monsters Dungeons and Dragons the purple worm is a massive beast that burrows beneath the ground before bursting out of the earth. Its massive jaws are wide enough to allow it to swallow up a man whole.Whenever the purple worm’s prey isn’t obliging enough to venture down its gullet it will attempt to sting the offender with the stinger at the end of its tail. Lacking eyesight the purple worm relies on its ability to sense vibrations and pure dumb luck to hunt.  It might be because I saw Tremors when I was a kid but the thought of giant monsters lurking underground scares the heck out of me. They’ve appeared in every edition of Dungeons and Dragons to date, and there’s no sign that that is ever going to change.

Feel free to give your favorite monsters a bit of praise in the comments, and have a happy Halloween.