Today is a very special installment of the Daily D4, complete with two treats.

King of Tokyo Halloween Expansion

In honor of Halloween I thought we could discuss something that is a perfect choice for any tabletop on this holiday. King of Tokyo pits giant monsters, robots, and aliens against one another in a pitched battle to become the ruler of Tokyo. The game incorporates dice rolls to determine which combatant emerges victorious from each battle. Decks of cards are also brought into play to enhance, or debilitate, the creatures at key moments. It’s a fairly straight forward game devoted to smashing up a city and seeing if a giant gorilla can in fact defeat and robot the size of a skyscraper. A few expansions have been released, but the most Halloween expansion is my favorite by far.

The expansion comes with two Halloween themed monsters, the jack-o-lantern headed Pumpkin Jack and Boogey Woogey, a terrifying mass of shadows. There’s also a set of six orange and black dice as well as a set of costume cards that enhance the monster at your command. If you’re too old to trick or treat and you’d like to take a break from zombies, vampires, and ax wielding maniacs I suggest King of Tokyo with the Halloween expansion.



Zombie Dice

Zombie dice is a simple dice rolling game that can be explained in seconds and played in a matter of minutes. In this game the players take on the role of a hoard of zombies, each of whom are trying to be the first to devour thirteen brains.The game comes with a number of six sided dice colored green, yellow, or red. Each of the dice are marked with foot prints, brains, or shotgun blasts. Rolling a foot print means one of your victims has fled, rolling a brain means you scored a brain, and rolling a shotgun means your zombie has been fired upon. Three shots to the head kill your zombie ending your turn and costing you all of those delicious brains. Zombie dice might sound simple, but there is a definite strategy element to it. The players must pull their dice randomly and the various colors indicate the amount of danger involved in rolling them. Green dice are the safest and have little risk, yellow represent a moderate amount of danger, while red are very likely to end up killing of an unwary zombie. Knowing when to stop rolling can determine who takes home the most brains, but that said sometimes taking a greater risk has its rewards.

Simple, fun, and easy to learn Zombie Dice is a perfect game to play when you’re looking for something that is sure to entertain without devouring your whole evening.