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Acquisitions Incorporated Podcasts

Back in 2009 right before I started playing roleplaying games I listened to the Acquisitions Incorporated podcasts for the first time, because they were so entertaining I was able to overcome my introverted nature and join a gaming group. If you’ve never rolled a D20, or if you’ve got a friend who you’re trying to convert into an elf wizard, they’re a great way to start out. Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade, who plays Jim Darkmagic III of the New Hampshire Darkmagics, was completely new to playing Dungeons and Dragons so he’s sort of the newbie everyman throughout the first series of podcasts. The first adventure also features Penny Arcade’s writer Jerry Holkins as Omin Dram, cleric and CEO of Acquisitions Incorporated as well as Binwin Bronzebottom a dwarf fighter played by Scott Kurtz of PVP. Their campaigns are run by one of the most talented dungeon masters of all time, the man who carries vorpal dice in a bag of holding, the great Chris Perkins himself.

Throughout their adventures Acquisitions Incorporated takes on a few interns to help fill out their ranks. Wil Wheaton joins the group later on playing an eladrin invoker whose name is unpronounceable to all beings not native to the Feywild. We call him Alf. More recently they’ve inducted Patrick Rothfuss into their ranks, the famed fantasy author plays Viari a swashbuckling thief who can sing as well as Kvothe…alright maybe not that well but he’s still really good.

They have faced down the dreaded Keep on the Shadowfell, rescued a friend from the bowels of hell itself, and slain more monsters than Van Helsing. The podcasts are largely humorous, but the players are all very talented and you’ll find yourself caring about the characters and their stories while laughing.

These podcasts made me laugh during some of the most awful days of my life and I think they can help other people in the same way the helped me.

You can listen to the majority of the Acquistions Incorporated podcasts here on the Wizards of the Coast website: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/podcasts.aspx



A while ago when I reviewed Of Mice and Men I mentioned how much I love the classic game Dungeon! It was originally created by David Megarry in 1972 to give Dave Arneson a break and a chance to play with the rest of the group once in a while. The game proved to be quite popular as it provides the feel of a simple dungeon crawl while allowing the party to enjoy something a bit more lighthearted than an ordinary campaign. Players choose from a number of heroic classes including the Warrior, Elf, Dwarf, Wizard, Paladin, Thief, and others depending on which edition you’re playing.

The game board consists of a number of hallways and chambers occupied by monsters guarding wondrous treasures. You win by collecting a set amount of treasure and returning to the central chamber before any of the other players can do so. As you work you r way deeper and deeper into the dungeon the rewards become great, but the monsters become increasingly deadly.


If you’re curious about the game it’s available at most gaming stores for $20.00 right now.

I chose this version of the box art because it is the one I bought when I was a kid and I still have it to this day.