I rolled yet another three today, I’m starting to think the D4 is trying to tell me something.


Emerald Rose

It’s a rare a group of musicians who can perform songs about why you shouldn’t split the party, or how wonderful life can be when you have chocolate frog. Emerald Rose is such a band. Jade introduced me to their music a few years ago and I keep coming back to two of their songs which remain favorites of mine to this day. “Never Split the Party” details the disastrous events the befall a party after they divide their forces during a dungeon crawl. “Life’s OK I’ve Got a Chocolate Frog” is a lighthearted romp through the world of Harry Potter. I sing it to myself when I’m feeling down and it never fails to help me raise my spirits.



Pirates of the Spanish Main

Pirates are cool. In Pirates of the Spanish Main you get to play as a pirate which makes it a wonderful game. Jade GMed a campaign using this system a while ago and it was fantastic. I made a Treasure Hound, got possessed by a vengeful ghost, beat up a member of the Spanish Inquisition, fought a giant crab, and then I bought a monkey. There’s an extensive collection of colorful NPCs who fit perfectly, and detailed maps of a variety of locations included in the book that make running a campaign pretty straightforward. The rules for naval combat are straight forward and provide an exciting mechanic for players to use as they try to avoid being blown to bits.



Forbidden Island

Cooperative board games are especially fun because the players are competing against the game itself rather than one another. Possibly one of the greatest cooperative games of all time is Forbidden Island. In this game players must race to collect ancient relics scattered around a mysterious island before it sinks to the bottom of the sea. Each player will randomly choose a character card them gives him or her a special ability. For example the Navigator card allows a player to swim through parts of the island that have already sunk rather than being forced to go around them, this can be a pretty handy ability later in the game.

The island is assembled randomly so it’s laid out differently each time, so there’s an enormous amount of replay value. You can adjust the degree of difficulty based on the number of players and their overall level of experience. It’s an exciting game that you’ll find yourself enjoying even if you and your friends sink to the bottom of the sea before making a daring helicopter escape.