I only managed to roll a measly two today, it looks like I’m finally getting some ordinary rolls.



For those of you who have yet to play any version of the FATE system you’re probably wondering what aspects are. Aspects are integral elements of your character which define something about them, and are used as a game mechanic. For example if you’re playing Harry Dresden and you’ve taken the aspect “Chivalry Isn’t Dead!” there are a couple of ways it can come into play during the story. Aspects are either compelled by the GM who will try to use them to their advantage, or invoked by the player who will try and use it to help them out in a time of need.

Lets say a young woman arrives in Harry’s office and starts to cry about how someone has been stalking her and no one will help. By his nature Harry is a suspicious guy, and he’s not given to accepting things at face value, but the GM could compel his aspect to get Harry to take on the case. As a reward the player would receive a fate point which has a number of very useful attributes. On the other hand if Harry finds himself forced to attend a formal dinner as Lara Raith’s date and the player wants to make a good impression he could invoke this aspect. By spending a fate point the player could invoke and give himself a bonus to a roll to win Lara over. Lets say in this case he pulls out her chair for her, smiling his very best “I will not set this building on fire tonight” smile. Lara takes the bait and Harry gets an appreciative nod, it’s not the information he needs to get out of Lara but it’s a start.

Using aspects requires a bit of creativity but when it’s done well it’s very interesting.


Technically this isn’t a real game, although they did make some of them as collector’s items several years ago, but I don’t think they ever attached an actual game to those. In the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling there’s a game called gobstones which is remarkably similar to the game of marbles. However in this wizard game when players score a point the gobstones spray a foul smelling liquid into the opposing players face. You’re probably wondering why I decided to include this in the Daily D4 aren’t you? I remember how passionate the kids who played gobstones were in those books, and they never really had much support for their hobby. Hogwarts has a gobstones club and there’s a space set aside for the official gobstones club in the Department of Magical Games and Sports but that’s about it. It always struck me how similar these players were to the kids who choose to play roleplaying games rather than sports. I mean quidditch is fantastic and I’m not knocking it but it isn’t for everyone. As an official Hufflepuff I’d like to salute all of the gobstones players and offer them a rag to wipe their faces with.