We’re coming back with more gaming goodness today, I rolled a three.


Dragonlance Campaign Setting

When I was ten years old I bought a copy of The Legend of Huma at a hardware store, I know that is really confusing, if helps it was actually being sold outside of the store during a street festival. It had everything I loved at that age and it inspired me to pick up quite a few Dragonlance books over the years. I’ve never run a game set in Krynn because I usually prefer to create my own settings but I finally broke down and picked up the campaign setting. It just arrived today and I’m really looking forward to reading it, at a glance I’m pleased with the material that’s been presented here.




Star Wars Miniature Millenium Falcon Chewbacca

Star Wars Miniatures is one of my favorite games at the moment, the level of detail that’s present in the starships makes it feel like the Empire and the Rebel Alliance are clashing in grand battles on your tabletop. Aside from the core set I bought the Millenium Falcon because how can you say no to the ship that did the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? When I was a kid my dad let me watch the original trilogy on a projector they used for meetings in his office. I’d never seen them on the big screen at that point so this was the closest I’d ever come to seeing them in an actual theater. Chewbacca was probably my favorite character, he was strong enough to tear off a droid’s arms and smart enough to repair a starship. When I realized that Chewbaccas is one of the optional pilots for the Millenium Falcon I won’t lie, there was some improvised dancing.




The Temple of Elemental Evil

Classic dungeons hold a special appeal to tabletop gamers young and old. For people who’ve been playing for years their classics that they remember playing, and for newcomers they’re like the heroes of old walking through the mist. Few modules are as well known as The Temple of Elemental Evil, and when Wizards of the Coast made it available for free to everyone who playtested D&D Next I was really excited. The campaign to release older books as PDFs and make them available to customers is a great idea and I’m really glad that I got to take a look at one of them.