There aren’t too many holidays that I actually celebrate, more or less I limit myself to Halloween and Christmas because those are the only ones I’ve ever really enjoyed. Much as I enjoy Christmas though Halloween is a gamer’s holiday. Ghouls, goblins, and what basically amounts a massive LARP all make October unique every year. I know most folks wouldn’t consider getting in costume to go trick or treating a LARP but I think there are enough similarities to make the comparison stick. Some people put so much effort into planning out and making their costumes it makes the whole seem a bit daunting. I’m not a seamstress and I can’t make costumes much as I like them so I sit it the costume part of the holiday most years, but I really enjoy seeing the sorts of things people who do take part come up with. So Halloween is essentially a nationwide LARP centered around a simple fetch quest.

To honor the holiday I really wanted to do a Halloween themed podcast, but the questions of what game to use was very irksome. A couple of White Wolf games were bandied about, after all what’s more appropriate for Halloween than vampires and werewolves? I even toyed with the idea of doing something completely original using FATE accelerated but I struggled to think of a theme.  Finally I managed to settle on something that I think our listeners will enjoy, but I’m not going to share that right now. I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

I do however have a treat in the spirit of the holiday! To that end I am asking everyone who listens to the Out of Character podcast or reads the blog to vote for a game you’d like us to play in a special podcast. All you have to do is leave a comment here with the name of the game you’re choosing. Roleplaying Games or board games are both eligible so if you want us to play Zombie Dice rather than Castle Ravenloft that can happen. We’ll play whatever game gets the highest number of votes.