Today I rolled another four, apparently my D4 is enjoying all of the attention…

The Paranet Papers Previews

Ever since I started reading them in college I’ve been a big fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, and subsequently the Dresden Files RPG. It’s a great game and it introduced me to the FATE system which I thoroughly enjoy. There have been quite a few publications tied to the system since its initial release, but the upcoming Paranet papers are really exciting. The latest book will help establish some facts about the Dresden Files universe and characters in a post Changes world.

There’s no release date on the horizon as of now but there are several preview available on the Evil Hat website. The previews capture many of the things that made the initial books so unique among RPG books. My favorite preview was the one devoted to the Neverglades, there’s something fascinating about a place that has were-alligators and the fountain of youth.

Check out the Neverglades preview here: http://www.evilhat.com/home/paranet-neverglades-peek/


Gygax Magazine Issue #2

Jade bought me a subscription to Gygax Magazine for my birthday and when the first issue arrived I was so excited you’d have thought a dragon had just turned up on our doorstep. There are a ton of great articles in this issue but the ones that wound up being my favorite weren’t the ones I expected at all. I loved the Inkubus that was introduced for the Savage Worlds system and the items for use in a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy based game were among my favorite. There’s also a couple of articles about the history and evolution of tabletop gaming that I found very interesting.


The Hercules and Xena Roleplaying Game

This one of the first roleplaying games I ever played, and since Jade ran our campaign it had a fantastic story. For those who have a weakness for the source material or are looking for a unique fantasy game it’s definitely worth giving a try. How can you not love a game that includes Monster Slayer as a class? Although it’s no longer in circulation there are still used copies in friendly local gaming stores, and they’re marked down considerably. I’ve been thinking of writing up an adventure for this system for a while now.



The Book of Vile Darkness Movie

When I had two days off in a row I somehow wound up watching the third Dungeons and Dragons movie, The Book of Vile Darkness. I figured it would be mildly entertaining and I could let it play as background noise while I did a bit of housework, however I found myself drawn into the story. It’s a pretty basic story and most of the characters are as familiar as a pair of comfortable old sneakers. The main character is a young knight of Pelor whose father is taken prisoner by sinister forces. His only hope of rescuing his father lies with a band of monstrous mercenaries, each of whom seem as though they would be happy to slit his throat and leave him in a ditch. If you’re looking for something entertaining but familiar this one is worth a try.