Earlier this week I ran another game at the local library for the teens, but this time instead of playing Dungeons and Dragons we played Star Wars Saga Edition. We’d been planning this for a few weeks and the players had been asking me what characters would be available every time I passed through the library. When I was a kid my parents got me a set of the Star Wars movies on VHS and my dad would let me watch them on the big projector in a conference room where he worked. It was an amazing experience and the closest I came to seeing the original trilogy on the big screen for decades.

Right before I headed over to the library I stopped in at a local gaming store that happens to be just down the street, The Geekadrome,and found copies of a couple of Star Wars Saga books. That’s a bit like walking into the park and spotting a unicorn. Since Wizards of the Coast dropped the licenses for Star Wars and these books went out of print a few years ago they’ve become harder and harder to find. PDFs are all over the internet but I refuse to support piracy by downloading them.

With less than an hour to go before the big event I had to choose one because I knew that these books probably wouldn’t stay on the shelves for too long. Ultimately I picked the Clone Wars Campaign Guide for a couple of reasons. It includes the rules for squads which are useful for GMs, it has a number of interesting races like Dugs and Nautolons, and the era of the Clone Wars is an exciting time to set a campaign. I also nabbed a couple of Heroclix and some dice to give away as a prize to one of the players.

The campaign went extremely well and it managed to attract a few people who aren’t part of the regular gaming group. We ended up with a human Jedi, a human Noble, a wookie Soldier, a Kel Dor Jedi, a human Scout, and a human Scoundrel.The party found themselves traveling towards the Outer Rim on a small transport ship named The Rusted Centurion. When their ship was attacked by Trandoshan pirates they faced off against the invaders while trying to repair the ship’s damaged hyperdrive so that they could escape. It seems these pirates had been attacking ships and selling the crew to the Hutts for weeks. Ultimately the pirates managed to destroy the hyperdrive, but not before the captain of the Centurion summoned a rescue party. New Republic ships arrived and the players cheered as they blew the Trandoshan ships apart.

I gave the dice to the player who’d taken on the role of the human Noble and let everyone keep their character sheets. I love doing these events because the players always want me to turn it a regular thing. Seeing their enthusiasm for the game and their characters reminds me why I love running them so much.


I asked Jade to name these clone troopers and she dubbed the (from left to right): Apple, Lime, Blueberry, Banana , and Cherry. I’m pretty sure I’ll use those names in a campaign some day and call the squad The Fruit of Doom.