Today Jade and I set out to Phantom Games and purchased everything we’ll need to make our first serious foray into the craft of miniature painting. We bought quite a few minis, primer, paints, brushes, tools, and some glue to stick limbs on. It was good fun digging through the minis trying to find ones that caught our eye. We both snagged a wide variety and we’re really excited about the new project.

I’ve just been applying the undercoat to our miniatures so we can get started on their actual paint in tomorrow. I’ll make sure to post some pictures of our work.

Just in case anyone is confused as to why we’re doing this…it’s because we’re huge nerds. Plus Jade has been wanting to give this a try as she mentioned in episode 4 March of the Miniatures. If you haven’t checked that one out yet now might be a good time to get caught up.