Jade and I went to Little House Big Art to paint our newly acquired minis, and I think the results were pretty good considering this was our first time painting miniatures. Jade painted her tavern maid, I painted a Mimic, and our new friend Lindsay who was working at LHBA painted a vampire. Jade and Lindsay also painted a couple of shields I had lying around.

I really wanted to take some nice pictures to show off our work, but the camera we own stinks so these will have to do. This was a really fun activity and we both want to continue doing it on a regular basis.


A vampire, a mimic, and a bar maid. That’s got to be one of the weirdest parties ever.



Jade spent a lot of time debating what colors to use for this figure. I think she chose pretty well in the end.


I’m really pleased with my Mimic, I decided to name him Mike.


There are some cool details on the back of the Mimic mini that I wanted to show off.



Just another angle of Jade’s mini, again she did a very nice job with it.


We’ve decided to name the vampire Vincent.