Jade are celebrating our fourth anniversary today, but we exchanged our gifts late last night after she got home from work. The thought was that since we’re going out to dinner tonight we probably won’t have time to open things when we finally get home, and we wanted to have some time to look at our presents. Somehow most of the things we got for one another turned out to be games, and I think most of them will be featured in podcasts. The new games include Dungeons and Dragons Clue, Forbidden Desert, Garden Dice, and The Pirates of the Spanish Main card game.

I’m actually excited about Dungeons and Dragons Clue, even though it is one of those remakes of a classic board game with a modified theme. Monopoly and the other board games you see in most family collections are like Mimics of the gaming world in that way. They transform to lure unsuspecting players into their clutches, and the experience isn’t always worth the time you put into those sorts of games. Looking over the rules for Dungeons and Dragons Clue I think it will be really fun though and I look forward to giving it a try.