Gigi, the Teen Library Specialist at my local library, just sent me some of the pictures she’s been taking since I started running the Dungeons and Dragons program there. I’m so pleased with them I just had to share. Seeing the young players gathered around the table to enjoy themselves is an amazing feeling. I am proud to have followed through with things so that this can be a continuing program.


An elf druid and an eladrin invoker forming a plan as they face down a cave filled with bandits and goblins alongside of the rest of the party.


This was taken during our introductory meeting. We had no idea how many people would show up, if memory serves me correctly we ended up with something like fourteen players of varying ages. I ran two hour long games that went quite well.


The party’s miniatures squaring off with an ogre they encountered in the woods. I don’t have an ogre in my collection of miniatures so I just used a handy troll instead.


This is the room where our meetings take place now. We shifted out of the larger room that we used for our first meeting because it’s more private and we don’t have other activities going on in the background.


The inaugural roll of one of our players D20s.


Our halfling rnager and half-elf swordmage debating how to handle an unruly ogre.


The players have some unwelcome news delivered to them by their GM.